Discover our newest bacteria expression system: Vmax™ X2 Cells from SGI-DNA. This Image features a scientist examining a pea-tree dish under the light.

Vmax™ X2 cells

The world's fastest growing bacterial strain

The most robust expression and growth of any bacterial competent cell

Significantly less endotoxin than E. coli

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“In the field of protein NMR… the costs of labeled media can reach thousands of dollars using conventional E.coli strains for recombinant protein expression. Using V. natriegens Vmax™ cells, we can reduce those costs to about half due to the 2–4X higher expression yields. The time needed until harvesting the cells can be reduced significantly because of the ability to induce Vmax™ cells before reaching exponential phase.”  |  Klaus Zangger — University of Graz

The only next-generation bacterial expression system


A new host system with advantages over E. coli

Discover Vmax™ X2 cells

Incorporates into your existing workflow

Vmax™ X2 cells are compatible with plasmids and antibiotics commonly used with bacterial expression systems such as E. coli BL21 (DE3) and have a transformation efficiency rivaling the best alternative protein expression strains. Built with a tightly controlled, IPTG-inducible T7 promoter system, Vmax™ X2 cells can be cultured using routine growth medium, as well as commercial auto-induction media, or our Vmax™ enriched growth media (recommended for rapid growth and greatest accumulation of biomass). In addition, Vmax™ X2 cells can be induced over a wide range of timepoints, from an OD600 of 0.2 to over 1.0, without loss of final protein yield, dramatically increasing workflow flexibility.