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Developing revolutionary synthetic biology platform technologies that accelerate advances in drug discovery, precision medicine, DNA data storage and industrial design.

Synthetic Biology is changing the world that we live in and is allowing scientists to solve the most complex challenges that face civilization today. Our founder, Dan Gibson, regarded as the “Father of Synthetic Biology,” and the team at SGI-DNA are pushing the boundaries in the disciplines of personalized medicine, antibody therapies (Immuno-oncology), agriculture and industrial materials. By pioneering new ways to harness the power of Gibson Assembly® SGI-DNA is leading a revolution that’s propelling numerous fields with capabilities never seen before. Through the creation of new genes, synthesized de novo-without cloning from any organism, Scientists can now imagine and build a DNA construct. Allowing pioneering technologies to be developed.

It’s all based on Gibson Assembly and the world’s first automated system that takes digital code and turns it into double stranded DNA, the BioXp™ 3200 System allows distributed benchtop synthesis of new DNA constructs, allowing researchers to create and design new genes for therapies and send those digital sequences through the cloud where the the company translates them into a blueprint to build double stranded DNA on the researcher’s benchtop in their lab. The technology is enabling incredible new discoveries, like, building bacteria that eat industrial waste, creating plastic materials that biodegrade, strengthening drought and disease resistant crops and making cleaner biofuels. The technology is also a primary driver in realizing the “Moonshot” Cancer vision by allowing distributed personalized medicine, automated vaccine development, patient specific microbiome therapies (repairing the microflora in the gut), research into human health & longevity, treating rare disease and in the discovery of novel antibody based and CAR-T therapies for Cancer… the list goes on.

The researchers at SGI-DNA are also working to push DNA into a digital revolution. Capitalizing on DNA’s incredible stability and longevity (stable for thousands of years), Gibson Assembly allows enormous amounts (Gigabases of data) to be written as DNA. Digital signals written into and read from double stranded DNA, allow researchers to use Gibson Assembly storage method to save massive quantities of data in DNA for the future generations.

In the future, SGI-DNA hopes to build on our successes, to launch new disruptive capabilities that will enable our vision of creating automated, distributed production of DNA therapies anywhere in the world. Allowing rapid response to pandemic disease, and personalized DNA and protein therapy manufacturing in every hospital.

Experts tell us the next 20 years will be a period of immense change. Creating solutions to deal with issues like global warming, overpopulation, food shortages, pollution and pandemic disease will be crucial to humanity. Our vision is to contribute by enabling researchers who are tackling these problems.


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