Our mission

At SGI-DNA, our mission is to develop revolutionary synthetic biology platforms that accelerate advances in drug discovery, precision medicine, DNA data storage, and industrial design; bridging the gap between the digital and biological worlds.

Revolutionizing synthetic biology

We’re about empowering biologics professionals in the fields of personalized medicine, antibody engineering, vaccine and drug discovery, agriculture, and industrial material design with the tools they need to simply and rapidly synthesize DNA.

We offer the world's most innovative portfolio of synthetic biology platform technologies. Our gene synthesis portfolio, which includes the BioXp™ 3200 system and Gibson Assembly® reagents, reduces the turnaround time for synthesizing biology workflows from weeks and months down to five days or less.

In addition to automating, speeding, and optimizing DNA design, SGI-DNA ensures your designs stay in your hands, marrying speed and security for innovators in drug discovery, DNA data storage, and beyond.

Founded by Dan Gibson — the creator of the industry-standard Gibson Assembly® methodology — SGI-DNA is attempting nothing less than changing everything.


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