Bioinformatic Services available with Archetype® software

Our proprietary synthetic genomics tools and technologies are now available to the public as a service. Synthetic Genomics, Inc. has been developing and commercializing genomic driven advancements in a variety of industries. Our unique and powerful bioinformatics capabilities are already being utilized in collaborations with Monsanto to analyze microbe-plant communities and United Therapeutics Corporation to develop humanized pig organs to revolutionize the field of transplantation. Our advanced analysis tools and expertise will enable you to discover meaningful relationships within your sequence data.

Genome Annotation: Our scalable annotation pipeline can deliver annotated data rapidly through Archetype. We use sophisticated algorithms to annotate any type of genome.

  • Sophisticated algorithms
  • Rapid pipeline
  • Customizable data delivery
  • Expert support

Other Bioinformatics Services: Expert Bioinformatics support at your service to accomplish any number of analysis types. We work with you to make sure you are getting the correct analysis and your data stays secure.

  • Expert bioinformatics team
  • Full service provider
  • Cost effective with quick deliver of data
  • Flexible analysis format

Types of Analysis

  • Variant (SNP & Indel) Discovery
  • Structural Variation Discovery
  • Exome Sequencing Analysis
  • Differential Gene Expression Analysis
  • Novel Isoform (Alternative Splicing) Identification
  • Peak Analysis (ChIP-Seq)
  • Small & miRNA Sequencing Analysis
  • De Novo Genome & Transcriptome Assembly
  • Gap-Closure Analysis (Genome Finishing)
  • 16S rRNA Metagenomics Analysis
  • Whole Genome Metagenomics Analysis
SGI-DNA Bioinformatic Services

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